Variety Pack


Variety Pack


1 box, 5 lattes – The perfect way to try ALL of our flavors.





All lattes are made with cold brew coffee made form locally roasted beans, unsweetened coconut almond milk, and a handcrafted syrup made from the following organic & all natural ingredients:

Mexican Vanilla: organic raw honey, organic pure maple syrup, Mexican vanilla extract

Toasted Coconut: organic coconut sugar, coconut cream, coconut extract

Keto Vanilla: organic monk fruit, organic stevia drops, vanilla extract, xantham gum

Creamy Chai: organic chai spices, black tea, ginger, black pepper 

1 seasonal latte: Summer – Fresh Mint, Fall/Spring – Honey Lavender, Winter – Maple Mocha


Cold brew is 67% less acidic than regular coffee, making it much more gut friendly.

Unsweetened coconut almond milk is full of healthy fats, protein and calcium.

All natural, organic flavors call for indulgence without regret!


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