specialty lattes,

Whether you are in a meeting or at a party, sip on something that will make you feel good from the inside out.

Fuel up on-the-go with our BOTTLED LATTES, free of dairy and refined sugars.

Brighten up any gathering with our MOBILE COFFEE + TEA BAR.

Love the coffee! Inside all of our stores for a reason. If you are looking for delicious cold brews from a company that has great values and maintains quality and freshness, look no further! Stop by and get something or have Picnic Grounds at your next event!
Marcos Huerta
Fitchow meal prep
We have had Picnic Grounds in our office on several occasions to serve some great hot and cold, delicious drinks for our employees. It is a huge hit! Maddy is a breath of fresh air and serves up some GREAT COFFEE!!

Karen Bowe
Bowe Contractors inc.
Incredible quality, competitive pricing and far better than any drive thru coffee establishment. I started a subscription where I can pick my weekly varieties and I am 100% satisfied.

Corey Cordovano
Transplants brewing co.

Guests will feel treated.

Employees will feel appreciated.

Family will feel welcome.

Let us make your gathering unforgettable over individually crafted cups of brew.

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feel good fuel

Our Bottled Lattes were created for the on-the-go, health-minded individual. Inside each bottle is freshly brewed coffee or tea, coconut-almond milk, and a paleo, keto, or vegan friendly syrup!


We brew locally roasted beans from Corvo Coffee.

Our syrups are made with all-natural organic sweeteners like raw honey, organic coconut sugar, monk fruit, and are designed to complement the coffee rather than overpower it.

picnic grounds


bottled lattes sold here!
bottles lattes sold here!
bottled lattes sold here!
bottled lattes sold here!
bottled lattes sold here!
bottles lattes sold here!


The driving force behind Picnic Grounds is to improve the lives of busy people, and mobile coffee + tea is  just the beginning! Picnic Grounds was created to become an outdoor cafe someday. A space where you can sip on your favorite drink, grab a blanket, sprawl out under a tree or under the sun and do whatever you please. Perhaps you get some work done on your laptop or delve into your favorite book! The intention is to make the outdoors an effortless addition to our daily lives, without sacrifice…

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